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Prince Christian Announces Run for N.C. House

(FAYETTEVILLE, NC) - Monday, Prince Christian announced his campaign for North Carolina's House District 43 seat. In a statement to voters, Prince emphasized the need for change in Raleigh and the lack of progress seen on important issues like teacher pay, gun violence, and Medicaid expansion. "Issues like teacher pay, combating gun violence, and access to affordable health care are common sense issues that this state has not made significant progress," Prince said.

Prince has developed a plan that will address the issues currently affecting North Carolinians across the state. "This campaign will be delivering my plan to build a better North Carolina to voters over the coming months," Prince added.

Prince has assisted thousands of North Carolinians in obtaining affordable health insurance, reducing prescription costs, and protecting North Carolinians from excessive medical billing costs. Prince will carry his extensive knowledge of health care to the General Assembly in effort to deliver affordable health care to all North Carolinians.

Prince has long been fighting for quality health care for all North Carolinians including efforts to combat Fayetteville's gun violence epidemic. Prince has developed a plan to address important issues and spent the last years ensuring North Carolinians are able to live a life of purpose in a state that is affordable, educated, healthier, and free of gun violence.


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